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I am a Senior Research Scholar at the Center for Biomedical Ethics at Stanford University. The heart of my work is aimed at promoting social justice. Drawing on my training in cultural anthropology, science studies, and empirical bioethics, my work is deeply interdisciplinary, and addresses a range of topics challenging entrenched scientific and medical beliefs about gender, sexuality, and the body.

My current research, which has been supported by the National Science Foundation and the Brocher Foundation, examines the many identities of testosterone. I am currently working on a book, T: The Unauthorized Biography (under contract with Harvard University Press), with the wonderful Rebecca Jordan-Young. This book is supported by a Guggenheim Fellowship and an American Council of Learned Societies Collaborative Research Fellowship.

This book stems from my work on “sex testing” and sports policies that ban women athletes for having naturally high testosterone. This research has appeared in ScienceThe American Journal of Bioethics, and BMJ. I helped to mount Dutee Chand’s successful appeal against the IAAF’s hyperandrogenism regulation at the Court of Arbitration for Sport, and served as an expert witness in the hearing.

I began my career looking at controversies over treatment for people with intersex traits, which resulted in my book Fixing Sex: Intersex, Medical Authority, and Lived Experience (Duke 2008).

My research has been covered in the New York Times, Time, BuzzFeed, The Week, CNN, ESPN, The Daily Beast, The Los Angeles Times, Boston Globe, Jezebel, Slate, The Advocate, La Liberation, The Chronicle of Higher Education, San Jose Mercury News, and the Toronto Star. I’ve also appeared on The WorldBBC, CBS News, NBC News, KCBS, CTV News, Q Radio, Al Jazeera, and the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, among others.



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Mind Boggling | Burn It All Down Podcast | July 12, 2017



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